Saturday, August 18, 2018

San Diego Super Yeast WLP090 vs. Safale US-05

So in my last post I mentioned I split my 10 gallon batch into 2 carboys and pitched WLP090 in one and Safale US-05 in the other. I was really curious on how the two would differ in fermentation time, clarity, and in taste.

Both yeast were pitched without making a starter. I was also able to keep my ferment temperature at 68 degrees the entire fermentation, which was in range for both yeasts.

First thing I noticed was the US-05 started about 4 hours before the WLP090. I also noticed, once fermentation started, the WLP090 took off and fermented way more vigorous than the US-05.

Active fermentation continued on both carboys for about 3-4 days and settled down after about a week.
I have to be honest, I didn't take any gravity readings to find out exactly when each one finished, but I'm pretty sure somewhere around a week.

I left both beers in primary for 17 days then transferred to kegs where they are now cold crashing.

I took this picture to show the 2 beers between transferring.
US-05 (left)
WLP090 (right)

My findings:
  • I first noticed US-05 started faster.
  • WLP090 fermented more vigorously.
  • Both seemed to finished pretty much the same time (not proven)
  • US-05 had some yeast floaters sitting on top of the beer after 17 days.
  • WLP090 finished much clearer then US-05.
  • Hops presence in the WLP090 beer was much more pronounced then the one with US-05.

Both beers are in the 3rd day of being cold crashed at 34 degrees and I'll be putting them on gas tonight!
Looking forward to seeing and tasting the finished product!

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  1. What's your evaluation after trying them? All I know is the one I drank last night is bomb!